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Tricore Service Mode Exeter

The New TSM Mode

We can now remap Bosch Tricore ECU’S without physically opening the ECU for bench work. This mode has been developed so that the bench remap becomes quicker and more efficient. All we need to do is remove the ECU from the vehicle and plug it into the front hedge connector part of the ECU. This enables us to read the original software from the ECU as well as writing the modified software to the ECU.

Why Is TSM Mode Much Safer?

The mode of tuning is much safer as we do not have to open the ECU to gain access to the programming connections required to read and write the modified software. There is a far less chance of damage to the vehicle's ECU.

Here are the most common modes of tuning used today:

  • Full OBD Read & Write

  • VR (Virtual Read) & Write

  • Full Ktag Bench Read & Write

  • New Tricore ‘Service Mode’ Bench Read & Write

Tip: Don’t pay £150 for a remap on any of your vehicles, you are asking for trouble believe me! You will not see those people again if the map requires any adjustments or rectifications.

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