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Combination Remap

Here at ECU Dynamics Exeter we have lots of ECU services available...

Combination ECU Remapping


When we calibrate your vehicles ECU software we adjust torque, fuelling, turbo limits & many other parameters to optimize your vehicles ability to be able to produce lots more power and reduce fuel consumption considerably:


  • BHP increase 25-30%

  • Torque increase 20-30%

  • MPG gains 8-15%

  • Smoother power delivery

  • Less turbo lag

  • Sharper throttle response

  • Fewer gear changes

  • Great for towing

  • All around more responsive & Spirited Drive


We can only report fuel saving that our customer report back to us. The commonly reported increase in fuel economy is between 8-15% for the option of calibration. We also supply you with the target dyno print out where available.


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