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Stage-1 Performance Remap

Performance ECU Remapping


When we calibrate your vehicles ECU software we adjust high torque, fuelling, turbo limits & many other parameters to optimize your vehicle’s ability to be able to produce maximum power with an increase in MPG.

Petrol turbo applications will see a small increase in MPG, None-turbo applications will see no reduction or increase in MPG.


  • BHP increase 25-40% 

  • Torque increase 20-50%

  • MPG gains 3-5% For Turbo vehicles

  • Smoother power delivery

  • Less turbo lag

  • Sharper throttle response

  • Fewer gear changes

  • Good for towing

  • Responsive & Exhilarating Drive


Our Performance Remap will increase your vehicles Power & drivability considerably. We calibrate the ECU software that releases all of the power that is hidden inside your vehicle’s powertrain.

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