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ECU Removal Is One Of The Best Ways To Remap


ECU removal can be a daunting thought to any car owner, but there are some key advantages over an OBD remap ‘Depending on the target vehicle’ a tuner can access more ‘Maps’ when the ECU is benched. This is because it allows the tuner/re-mapper to find more power! we have more flexibility when tuning the software to your needs. More information and settings can be accessed, so there are lots of benefits in removing and benching a ECU.


The downside is the cost, normally bench remapping has a higher cost in relation to a OBD remap. The reason is that the tuner needs to remove the ECU, open the ECU with care! connect some very expensive equipment to the ECU with suitable custom connectors. So i guess time is money and the BDM or bench remapping equipment is effectively on hire by the customer.


What is the Cost’s

A fair price for a good standard bench remap would be between £300 -£350. On some high-performance cars there are 2 ECU’s Master and Slave, so double the work this will increase the price!

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